Our vision with Kajakhaket, is that we want you to experience how fantastic it is to be out in the nature, gliding through the water. We hope that you will find adventure, and moments of stillness on the peaceful lakes. We also want people to get a chance to move and exercise. Often our schedules are full of activities with stress lurking behind the corner. Our hope is that kayaking may be a way for you to get strength in the source of stillness and inspiration that only nature can offer.



Kajakhaket is a small company with the aim that people have great experiences nature. One can choose different packages. Maybe you want to enjoy the nice paddle excursion with a picnic in the sunset, end the day with a time of massage, or with a by grilling over an open fire? Today we offer two kayaks for rent. What a great chance to take out your partner, friend or colleague for a full day out on the water.

Some say it is difficult to kayak. This is a misunderstanding that scares many away from kayaking. The kayaks we use are very stabile and no prior knowledge is needed to go out on the water. Together, we choose a suitable excursion that fits especially for you and your experience.

Wear clothes that are ok to sweat in and are easy to move in. Bring water to drink and maybe something sweet to eat that gives some extra energy. Bring an extra set of clothes and towel in case you are unlucky and fall in the water, bathing clothes if you want to go for a swim, sandals when you walk in the water, sun cream and some coffee and cookies for a coffee break on the grassy shore.

Kayak or Canoe
To kayaking is an experience that differs considerably with canoeing. The feeling of being closer to the water is considerably greater, and the thought is that you all the time should feel as one with the kayak. A kayak also has a considerable better glide than a canoe. If you have been canoeing before, we strongly recommend that you try the difference of kayaking.

We only receive payment in Swedish Kronor.

If you want to go paddling in other areas, it is ok to bring our kayaks.

Why rent kayaks
Sunshine, sparkling water and a breathtaking nature awaits you during our nice summer days. Our motto is that your spare time is our inspiration. We want you to experience the nature of Småland by quietly gliding through the water. There is always an opportunity to take cool dip, to see the nature reflect in the water or to catch the food for the evening in form of a nice fish. Imagine the silence breaking by an osprey that moves in the surroundings, a fish that jumps out of the water or if you are lucky you can see a moose!
All of this is our hope for your kayak adventure.

Kajakhaket is run by me, Henric Steifeldt. I enjoy being in the nature and have genuine interest in outdoor activities. I like to be close to nature, mountainbiking through complex paths and gravel roads. Or playing football and training the local youth football team. A personal favorite is to sit down by the water with a cup of coffee in my hand – wonderful! When the autumn comes I long for the winter´s cover of snow. I like to go skiing in the newly fallen snow. I am educated in sports and health with elements of anatomy, training and motion. I also am knowledgeable in first aid and injury treatment.
This homepage is a part of an EU-financed project with Leader and Mitt i Småland in an analysis of the market. Thank you for all the help!



The Area
We work out of the small town of Rörvik. Here you will find easy paddling for you who don´t have so much experience of kayaking. However, we also offer fantastic trips for advanced kayaking in streams. This is a real adventure which can take you all the way to the outlet of Lagan, just south of Halmstad on the west coast.

  • Allgunnen:This trip goes from the marina in Rörvik, around rocks and small islands and back again. In this trip you can experience the feeling of being in deep waters surrounded by the beautiful landscape. This lake is 8 kilometers in between the towns of Rörvik and Lammhult.
    Tip: The rocks at Schäsö!
  • Svinasjön: Though the name means "pig lake," it is a small, beautiful lake with a few small islands. This paddling suits well for you who want to go on a short trip and possibly enjoy a nice summer sunset and barbeque.
    Tip: Take a quick dip off of the bridge at the Svinasjö beach.
  • Axarydsån-Vrigstad: Axarydsån-Vrigstad: This is the trip that we warmly recommend. You will get real Smålandian nature experience. This trip goes through lakes and streams through bog, woods and farmland. Trees are hanging down and sometimes it can be a little tricky to get through. The water streams calmly but in some places it rushes and you will feel what a nice force it is when the water grips the kayak.
    Tip: Take a chance to pull a shore on one of the many islands for a cozy lunch break.
  • Axarydsån-Långö: This is the trip for you who want a longer journey. You go the same way as the trip to Vrigstad but continue from there, following the stream all the way to Rusken lake.
    Tip: Stay overnight and the next day continue the paddling through Rusken and further to the stream Osaån.
  • Ryalyan: At a beautiful headland in the lake of Rydasjön you have the possibility to stay overnight and enjoy a night at Ryalyan. At this attractive windshield there is the opportunity for an evening of grilling and to fall asleep to the gentle crackling of the fire.
    Tip: Go for a short kayak trip at dusk.
Priser på att hyra kajak i Småland


Rent per Kayak

  • 1 day - 350kr
  • 2 day - 600kr
  • 3 day - 750kr
  • 4 day - 900kr
  • 5 day - 1050kr
  • Whole week - 1200kr


Gift card
For you who want to surprise a friend with a wonderful kayak trip you can buy a gift card.

Kayak Club
For those that want to kayak several times during the season you can buy a club card for the great price of 850 kr. That gives you the opportunity to take out a kayak five different times during 2015. Attention, Kayaks can be booked at the earliest two days in advance.



For questions or booking please contact


Henric Steifeldt: 0707421817